Allison + Doug

July 17, 2014

What happens when a girl meets her real life superhero? Naturally, they live happily ever after. When given the opportunity to spend the day with Allison and Doug’s families it was obvious to see that their relationship was deeper then most. From the way she gently wipes the tears from his face as she is saying her vows to the way he comforts and cares for her is something we all deserve.

Ceremony: Oldest House in St. Augustine
Reception: Casa Monica in St. Augustine
Photography: Cheryl Joy Minor Photography
Wedding Coordinator: Dairing Events
Florist: Liz Stewart Floral Design
Entertainment: Dj Thundercat

Shaina + Jeffrey

June 13, 2014

“Happy marriages begin when we marry the one we love and blossom when we love the one we marry”. That statement is so very true. It was amazing to watch their love blossom right before our very eyes. Seeing people in love will never get old. Neither will the gifts of Peterbrooke Chocolate, Crown Royal and Louis Vuitton…Great job, Jeff.

We had so much fun shooting a highlight for The Dairing Bride Academy with Adair Currie. We are also honored to participate in the event as a guest speaker representing the video vendors to brides who are about to begin their wedding planning process. I strongly encourage anybody who is newly engaged or in the wedding planning process to come check this event out.

Check out her website for more details: Dairing Events

Marta + Michael

June 13, 2014

After spent the day with Marta and Michael we too were able to see the thread that connects them. When you see the way that they look at each other and passion they both have for life you know that what they can accomplish is limitless. It’s day’s like this that we are reminded that there is nothing better then having that one person in your life who is your partner in everything you do.

Lyanna + Scott

June 13, 2014

Have you ever noticed that so many things in life need something else to pair it with to make it complete? Coffee needs a cup, the crops need rain etc… When you watch the way Lyanna and Scott look into each others eyes you will want to add Fish and Chips to that list. Sit back and watch as the two of them become united as one.

Arina + Houdin

June 13, 2014

We all search for “the one”. The person that competes our universe, gives our life purpose. Sometime it takes longer then others but when it happens, trust me it will happen, you will know it right away. When talking about the night they first met here is what Houdin had to say. “I came to a realization that for the first time I wan’t asking myself what I am doing here” and “The only difference since that night is now when I look up into the sky, she is the only star in my sky”. It’s safe to say, he found “the one”!

“There is nothing about her that I don’t love”. Can it really get any better then that? When Mirelis and Ben professed their love for each other in front of family and close friends they left no doubt that they found the person that was made for them. Mirelis has always been, “in love with being in love”, well now she has Ben to love for the rest of her life.

After spending the day with Stephanie and Jonson at the Cummer Museum, it was easy to feel the love they share. The way they look at each other, their fun side and the passion they share for life is so inspiring. Please welcome them to the Collab family.

Location: Jacksonville, Florida
Venue: The Cummer Museum of Art and Garden
Photographers: Kris Graham Photography
Wedding Coordinator: Sarah Crenshaw Grace with The Big Event Planning
Entertainment: The RiverTown Band